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SunStar, The Star of Cooking Oils, is available in all major retail outlets. Great for frying, baking, salads and roasts.

This versatile oil is made from 100% Soybean oil, safe for vegetarians and allergen free.  SunStar is the choice for all households.

Mystique is Africa SunOil's latest development. With a view in entering the Beauty Soap market in Southern Africa.

Mystique is to offer a mystical, yet functional beauty soap range that offers great scents, sensations and combinations of  exotic oils, fruits, nuts and flowers.

Did you know, Africa SunOil is one of the largest Sunflower, Vegetable and Palm oil producers in Southern Africa.

With products to boast such as, Flowers Beauty Soap, SunPick Sunflower Oil, SunStar Super Olein Palm Oil, StarBrite Laundry Soap and SunStar Green Bar Laundry Soap.

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