Brand Heritage

Africa SunOil is a company that’s rooted in more than just providing quality products. Our main focus is on the people who use them; the way we contribute to a family! We take joy in spreading delight wherever our products go, and we take pride in knowing that wherever Africa SunOil goes, quality, delicious food is never far behind.

people sharing food

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is incomparable. With the promise of quality products from a company that cares about its customers, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a brand that actively strives to put a smile on the face of every consumer we provide for. Our staff know this, and they understand their part in the grander scheme of our brand; we innovate and push every day to find new, exciting ways to bring you, the customer, the joy, satisfaction and delight you deserve.

When you buy an Africa SunOil product, you’re not just buying oil. You’re taking home a promise. A promise of quality, a promise of care, and a promise of dedication to your family.