On the quest for innovation, we decided to start with what customers see when they look at any Africa SunOil product – our logo. We needed something that depicted who we are, what we are, and where we come from. Something that our consumers would look at, and feel the same sense of warmth they do when they use our products.

Africa Sunoil logo

The colour gradient is reminiscent of the African sun. Warm, bright and soft, it speaks to our company ethos of being a place of refuge, of home. The image itself is twofold – not only is it a representation of the sun, but also of the sunflower our high quality product is derived from. The colour gradient working in tandem with the image creates a sense of growth, nature, and quiet contentment – the same contentment you feel after eating a meal made with our products.

The circular shape shows that there is no hierarchy in our business, and that we are all equals under our sun. The seed shapes that make up the sunflower represent each and every member of our consumer base, being part of the Africa SunOil family, working together with us to create delicious, quality food that leaves a smile on your face, and a clean plate on your table.